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Posted December 17, 2019 at 1:34 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Maggie's doodle of MarMar from tomorrow's page.

I'm only slightly human today, because I went to see my favorite band from when I was in high school (Jump, Little Children...they're great, go look them up) and didn't get home til 1am. Absolutely a great show. There was an older guy sitting across from us who I think was having a spiritual experience. I mean, same. He also seemed kind of drunk, but whatever enhances your experience I guess. I usually don't particularly like concerts, because there's so much noise and the instruments always overpower the vocals like crazy. But ya know, when you know all the words to all the songs (plus they had closed captioning, I think because they have friends who are deaf and wanted to make the experience enjoyable to everyone), going to concerts is way better. As you go to concerts for bands where everyone there are generally older, it's much better because there are seats and food and stuff....a bit different than being crammed up near a stage, standing around a bunch of sloppy drunk people for three hours. 

Anyway, let's keep explaining stuff! I was trying to figure out how to make this page feel less static. There are a lot of words here, but without cutting away to a big complicated montage type thing to explain all the packs, it would just be Maggie rambling for panels and panels. So, in HTBAW, let's doodle some diagrams! Marisa had a legal pad in Chapter 7, but Maggie has a much more upgraded iPad type thing. Also, shout out to how many people guessed the general idea behind Maggie's plan from last week's page. That makes me feel better that her idea feels like it makes sense to people and not just something random and confusing lol.

Take a moment and appreciate that everyone on this page has an Ma- name. Thank you.

Okay, I'm off to go make myself look like a person. I'm all slouched over and wearing pajamas like a mess, and I'm usually at least 55% more pulled together than this.