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Malaya has lost her chill. No more chill to be had.
Posted August 12, 2015 at 12:55 pm
Everyone talks SO MUCH in this page, and there are so many people talking. Ya'll need information, and this page has it in spades. Pay attention, there'll be a quiz later. So, I'm a pretty follow-your-guts kind of person, which meant this page has undergone more weird changes since I scripted it months ago than almost anything I've drawn til now. The first version of the script had everyone just kind of shrug things off and go off into the night, but that didn't have the appropriate level of emotion to it, plus, a lot of what they're talking about here doesn't have another good place for these things to get brought up again when they'd all be in the same room together. In the second draft, I had Mal getting pretty angry at the end, and I drew that, but looking at it, something about her reaction didn't work. If I split this into two pages (whiiich I should have done, but it works this way too), I might have had enough time to show enough tension to make her getting angry make sense, but her being frustrated/sad/scared/shocked just seemed more like a real reaction.  Originally, the panel with Elias looking all cute was going to be a group shot, but same thing, it didn't work when I went to draw it. It minimized his reaction too much. And that's your comic-making commentary for the day. Next week, we switch gears to a different location with different people! Two people! Not five people! Okay, there's one more page of this scene, but only one!