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Elias asks the tough questions.
Posted August 11, 2015 at 12:01 pm
This page damn near killed me. Apparently, up til now, I've not had to deal with five people in the same scene standing around talking to each other. And they're chatty! Because things just happened, so now you gotta talk about them. And tomorrow's page managed to have one more panel than this one, so that page is trying to kill me too. Just a thing to keep in mind, next week I'm going to schedule the pages to post, but I won't be in town when they go live, and I'll be operating from my phone, so you'll have to wait til the weekend for replies to comments/questions. Also, if you've never posted before, it sets your comment up for moderation before it shows up on the site. I usually get to this pretty quickly, but obviously not next week, so if your comment doesn't post right away, don't freak out. It'll post when I get home and go through them :).