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Marin has her finger on the economy's pulse.
Posted June 7, 2017 at 1:41 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the mess that eventually turned into this page! Woo! Also, if you missed it, the winners of the Fashion Contest have been announced :). I love all of the entries, but we can only shop for so many pages before my soul dies. So, we're at the mall! A mall that has been heavily referenced from the mall in Troy, Michigan. I've not been there, but it's apparently huge, and that walkway thing is actually to connect the two mall halves. (In reality, I believe there's a pretty major thoroughfare that divides the two parts, so the walkway goes over like, a highway or something? But I'm not drawing that.) But yeah, it's got like, 7000 stores or something. That's kind of excessive. This is probably not a good starting point for someone who's never been to a mall before, but it was hard to find a decently sized mall in that part of Michigan to reference that wasn't an outlet mall. Drawing all those tiny cars is the worst, and I kind of freehanded them after awhile, because I didn't want them to be too neatly parked. Perspective's a little off on a couple, but maybe they just have flat tires. I like writing Marin as kind of a weirdo, but in a subtle way. We'll find out why later in the chapter. (And it's not just because I've spent my actual free time watching videos on youtube about the economic state of major department stores and the history of the American shopping mall.) In TV news, I've been watching my way through Riverdale while drawing, and it's...fucking weird. It's so weird. I can't tell if it's supposed to be? I've seen a few people compare it to Twin Peaks, like someone had David Lynch write a CW show, but that would imply that someone is making these creative decisions purposefully...which I find confusing. I'm nearing the end of the season, and I can't count the number of plots on both hands. It's like every episode so far has introduced a new plot for some reason, meaning all of them have gone woefully unexplored. I'm not saying you can't take the Archie universe and transfer it to TV and make it a murder mystery, but watching Riverdale makes me want to take every script and tear them to shreds and just...fix everything. Make the dialog less stilted and alien, make the characters have actual relationships to one another, cut the plot threads by 3/4...what a bananas show. I'll finish it just because, but essentially Riverdale is using the murder of Jason Blossom to maintain audience interest, hanging onto the idea that the intrigue alone will keep you watching. Overall...I just keep thinking that Veronica Mars did this whole show better on every level. Also, the one liners are weak and I find that inexcusable.