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The most bizarre Punnett square results you can imagine
Posted June 6, 2017 at 1:22 pm
Hey, if you vote over at TWC, you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! And I quite like this panel so you should vote and also look at it. Yes. AAAAAND if you missed it, the winners of the Fashion Contest were announced last week! So go check them out :). And if you won, your designs will be in the comic in the next few weeks. I'm saving a batch for towards the end of this sequence, so if you don't see your stuff right away, don't freak out. I haven't forgotten you. (If we get to Chapter 8 and you still haven't seen your design, then I totally forgot you...that won't happen, though!) So, I kind of love this page. Not just because it was easy to draw, but because I actually remembered that I work in a visual medium and can do shit like this lol. I had planned out the dialog a few weeks ago and wasn't super thrilled with it because mostly it was Marisa explaining the various combinations...and then I sat down to do thumbnails and editing and I'm like...WTF just make a diagram. Listen...listen. For a very visual person, I'm still very left-brained. (That's the logic side, right?) If you asked me to write like, a wacky kids' show!!!11, you'd end up with...something with well-paced, complicated plotting with a side of dry humor. You'd end up with Avatar the Last Airbender, I guess. My memory is almost totally visual (don't ask me to remember numbers, song lyrics, names, or what someone just said to me...but I'm very good with maps!), but my creative side likes to make the most of thinking inside the box, so I just want you to understand that I'm very proud that this page is a giant baby diagram instead of two more pages of describing werewolf pregnancy. (As an aside, before you're like, "this story is way creative!", please note that werewolves have Been Done™, and largely my ability to successfully write this story is that I'm working within a pre-existing framework and screwing with a lot of very familiar tropes, because that's my version of Creative™. My best creativity comes from messing with expectations, not necessarily creating them out of nothing lol.) Anyway, baby diagram! As was asked on Patreon, yes, all of these combinations can totally produce human babies! Granted, if you're the human baby of a big ol' werewolf pack, I'm sure you're going to be the weird black sheep of the family. "Yeah, we love Billy, but he's just...very human and we're not sure what to do with him?" The baby in the last picture of the two witches is holding a tiny wand because my thumbnail scribbles were so messy that there was an extra line there, and it made me happy to draw a baby with a witch hat and a wand, so there ya go. I'm going with "witch" as a gender-neutral term, because all the dude versions of "witch" are either awful or have weird histories, so I'm just like...witch is fine. Everybody's a witch. I'm a witch, you're a witch, we're all witches, it's great. And before anyone gets weird about Mom and Dad being gender-essentialist, I'm coming from the biological perspective of sperm and egg donors more than the actual parental roles. This is a quick diagram scribbled by a magic nerd on her girlfriend's legal pad in the car, so I don't have the space to really explore more gender-neutral alternatives for "how is babby formed?" I thought on it awhile, but all I could come up with was making all the little diagrams genderless stick people :\. Tomorrow's page involves me drawing a mall and a parking lot, which is like being slapped in the face repeatedly, and I'm still plugging away at it. All that's left is coloring! Huzzah! So many tiny cars. So much awkward perspective on tiny cars. I made the mistake of watching a Netflix show on child murderers while drawing tomorrow's page, and now I'm terrified of basically all children, so that's cool. I need to stop watching true crime shit, because I'm about ready to lock myself in my house permanently and maybe go buy an arsenal of weapons just in case. No little kids are gonna stab me for Satanic rituals, damn it.