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Maybe werewolves are kind of dangerous?
Posted March 6, 2018 at 1:32 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! That you've already seen the sketch for from the last incentive! But now in color! Also, because my rank is down and that makes me sad :D Welp! Tom's pretty done. Obviously. One of the main themes I ended up with in this story is how each character handles being a werewolf, and whether that ends up being a good thing or a bad thing for them. Elias obviously sees being a werewolf as a good thing, partially because he was born that way and doesn't really see how it could be a bad thing. Malaya sees being a werewolf as a bad, scary thing that's brought nothing but problems into her life, but she's coming around to a more balanced outlook. Kind of. Marin basically credits being a werewolf as saving her life. Tom is a born werewolf, and while he's been pretty calm and restrained up to this point, he's still a giant terrifying monster facing down someone who believes herself to be invincible, but is still a vulnerable human carrying a fairly-robust werewolf fetus. (That's also killing her oops.) So I guess the thesis of this story is "what is your responsibility as someone in a superior power position to those around you?" Maybe Malaya takes being a werewolf too seriously by hiding herself away, but she hurt her brother once and has avoided all issues since. Maybe Elias has a better perspective, or maybe he's too trusting of his own chill. Who knows! But anyway, Tom is pissed and his werewolf thing has kicked into high gear and it's maybe a problem for all involved. Side note, drawing these pages is kind of awful lol. I mean, there are only two people and a bunch of trees that I've been copying and pasting, so it's not bad in terms of actual labor, but these aren't fun pages! There's no shopping montages here :p. That is sort of the reality of drawing a story, though. There are parts that are complicated to draw, parts that are fun to draw, parts that make you feel kind of creeped out, parts that you struggle with...but you know, this whole story kind of hinges on this one section. Oh well, it's almost over! By the end of April, we should be on to the next bit, but ya'll need to see this part to understand eeeevverything that comes next. I really want to get to the next chapter, because it's much more fun for me, but it'll be practically Christmas by that point O_O. Anyway, winter depression is kicking my ass, so I'm like a car running on fumes, but this happens every year. Spring is around the corner and I'll feel human again, but for now, I'm going to go sit in a toasty warm bath and go to the place in my mind where it's always July.