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She has one trick, and that trick is evil plants.
Posted February 28, 2018 at 1:10 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a rather ominous panel from next week's page! I've had to reread this whole section of the comic a few times to make sure I'm not just repeating the same thing over and over for no reason >_>. I mean, they've had the same basic argument on every page since the beginning of this scene, but the argument isn't really the point. The fact that Flora/Connie is escalating her actions (and Tom is escalating his reactions) is the point, but when you've stared at a page for a month in the process of working on it, it becomes easy to lose track of the larger theme here. For me, at least. Scenes where everyone is just talking about their issues are a lot easier, because I don't feel the pressure of how important they are :|. I am still very tired! I've gotten rest from my weekend trip, at least, but I think taking a break from my previous momentum (to prepare for the trip, ironically) has made it get my gears moving again. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new month, and that's always refreshing. I have to stay on the ball, because I have C2E2 in April (which I'm almost ready for) and I'm leaving to Los Angeles for over a week in May, so I have to have my shit together or all spring will just be a train wreck :D :D :D. I'll get to your comments here soon, but for now, I'm going to go make myself a presentable human being who appears ready to face the day, which is not who I am at present.