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Michigan is only cold like, half the year. It's fine.
Posted May 30, 2018 at 1:25 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see my mermaid...mostly finished. Some slight nudity. I've actually finished this since I exported this preview, so you guys can see the finished version tomorrow.New June 1st voting incentive! Check out an early preview of next Wednesday's page :) IDK MAYBE THIS STORY HAS A THEME MAYBE??? For real, though, when I moved home from Los Angeles, I was terrified. I was resolute that I was making the correct decision, both for my mental health and financial health, but I was also leaving behind my dream of working in animation (which, having graduated in 2008, would have taken longer to achieve than I could afford to wait for). My game plan basically ended up being "drive like a bat out of hell until turning around is too much of a pain in the ass." And here I am in Indiana still! With my house all cute and mostly renovated! Plus a dog and an additional cat. And an affordable lifestyle. And an accessible, friendly local community that's generally easy to find ways to engage in. And the beach is twenty minutes away. My point is: sometimes you just have to get past the point of no return and see what shakes out, and if everything turns out terribly, you can always reverse course later. (The "reversing course later" thing may not apply when it's in relation to your issues assimilating your werewolf side into your personal identity after years of steadfastly repressing it, but that's cool.) Something something don't drink to deal with your problems something something. But Charlene deserves to treat herself. Yay! I'm calling this page the end of part one of chapter 8, so now we'll deal with...the rest of chapter 8. The "why was Ginger floating towards a giant wolf mouth in tropical colors?" part of chapter 8. I'd have split this chapter into two, because there are certainly distinct parts to it, but neither part has enough heft to carry a whole chapter on its own. Chapter 8 sort of became the chapter where I need to cram all the bits and bobs in that are needed before we head into the first arc finale in chapter 10, and before I ramp shit up like crazy in chapter 9. Chapter 8 has been the weirdest chapter to write so far because of that lack of clear narrative thread to glue it all together, but all the parts inform each other, so I think it will gel really well in the end. I'm looking forward to the end of this chapter because I think it's going to take things in a really neat direction :). Okay, I'm still barely awake, so I'm gonna shuffle off and get my life pulled together, but I'll try and get to the comments today/tomorrow/Friday :).