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Your face gets weird
Posted June 5, 2018 at 2:17 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see me blatantly using Vincent's abs as fan service (and plot reasons) in next week's page :p Sweet relief! I get to work on happy-looking daytime scenes again, and everything is cute and sort of fluffy for at least another handful of pages. Awesome. Connie's section was crucial to this story as a whole, but it's much harder to work on pages when you hate the subject lol. I think the thing that threw me off when I started this comic is that, as much as one would like to enjoy their project 24/7, there will always be points in a story where you're proud of what you're doing, but you hate having to do it. I'd have written this comic as Werewolf Friends Forever Comic Happy Hour, but I don't think I can maintain that much positivity long enough without wanting to end the story with everyone getting run over by a bus. Anyway, meet Joy! Joy showed up in one panel in chapter 4, and I assumed Vincent wouldn't have enough friends for me to justify making up any more of them, so here he is, interacting with the only other person I've shown him interacting with so far! (There were other people at his study table, but who knows what they look like.) I'm not sure what Joy's ethnicity is, but I just designed someone who looked neat. I think African American/Latina, probably. Anyway, she plays the French horn, enjoys teasing Vincent, and can only pitch moderately okay. Her name is Joy, because I liked the line "I'm not sad, Joy" because it's dumb and funny to me. Why is Vincent sad when he's left alone??? Don't worry about it, I'll get to it later. The important point is that he and Elias are going to play baseball while discussing various relevant plot points for the next handful of pages, because I didn't want them to just stand around, and that choice has lead to some of my favorite pages so far. I still have a bunch of comments to catch up on from my vacation, which I will get to! My schedule for this month is bonkers, because I also have the Indiana Democratic Convention next week, so my life revolves around that, and then it's also Pride month, so my life is revolving around that as well...and I have no more free time left yaaaaay. Then in July, it's my birthday! So I have to figure out what to do for that, too. A sweet, simple birthday party, I think. Which, it's me, so it'll be horribly complicated and eat up my whole life because I have no chill whatsoever.