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My third eye told me you were a hairy beast once a month.
Posted December 1, 2015 at 12:51 pm
Oops, guess who forgot to renew her domain name? Meeeeeeee. But we're back up again until next year, and I set it to automatically renew because I can't pay attention to these things. So, we're in full color this week! I've been watching youtube videos on color theory and I needed to practice. I might (MIGHT) be able to keep this up long term. The bonus here is that both these ladies had pretty similar color palettes and the background is super neutral, so it wasn't as tough as it could have been. Also, I've really gotten the hang of drawing trees, so it went pretty quickly. It's a lot easier to make snow look like snow in color, though. I'm wondering what the implications of having a comic that's partially black and white and partially in color means for whenever I print this beast one day. Hm. I have only a vague idea of what goes into printing something, though. If anyone has any additional information, let me know. My ideal would cut out as many middle men as possible and still get the best product, buuuuut I have no idea how to do that. Yay! And I haven't had much time to look into it either. The longer I write this story, the more the idea of any story not passing the Bechdel test seems ludicrous to me. Two women talking to each other, and not about a guy...that's it. That's so easy. It's almost like women have friends or something. Anyway, storywise, we're wrapping up this conversation with a lot of clarifications with a side of "I have no idea what's going on." Just to be clear, this isn't going to be a "chosen one" story. I kind of hate the "chosen one" trope. Oooooh, here's this really special person, they are so special, and only they can do this thing! By themselves! Only them! They are so special! Like, that's never really thrilled me. It seems like a short cut to making a character fulfill a role they wouldn't otherwise have, and that they don't have to work for because "fate". Malaya is only important because no one knew she was here all along, which we're going to get some clarity on in the next chapter, along with a couple of other things. She's going to have to figure out some shit, and even when she figures out things, it's not going to go smoothly the whole time. I'm what happens when you let Mr. Spock write a story about werewolves, but with more cursing. As much as I'd like to be this super creative, out-there storytelling genius, I'm way too logical about things. I mean, I get bothered with comics and animation where the women's hair is too long! You're gonna go bald, lady! All that pressure on your roots is terrible, and you'll get split ends like a mother, and the amount of shampoo you'll need...Yeah, aesthetic choices and all, but my logic brain is a pissy asshole and likes to ruin my fun. So, this goofy story about werewolves is going to be firmly rooted in a reality where everyone involved pays taxes and shit, which is why Malaya is 25 and not like, 16. I actually have planned way down the line a subplot of "Malaya versus local bureaucracy" which we will see how that goes.