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The pasty werewolf needs you for something.
Posted December 2, 2015 at 12:45 pm
Oh man, so much talking! But much needed talking, obviously. I promise Malaya is going to stop being freaked out soon! Poor werewolf lady, she didn't sign up for this. Charlene is a bit more tough love than Mal's mom, though, but everybody needs that sometimes. If you've ever worked customer service, you know that you could show up looking like a werewolf and no one would bat an eye. I was helping a customer once, and one of my coworkers asked them who was helping them, and they pointed to my black coworker who was about my size. My family is too Polish for us to look anything alike. Making a webcomic is sort of fascinating, because no matter what, I'm always sooooo cognizant that there are about a million other webcomics out there. I wouldn't say it's exactly competition, because as my friend pointed out, most people aren't going to just read one webcomic, but it's still sort of trippy to know the number of choices people have. When I was in high school, all there was was MegaTokyo, and honestly I don't know if I really enjoyed it so much as it was the lead in game no one else was playing at the time. Anyway, I've been making this comic for about a year, and I think I'm about on pace with where I want to be? I'm not really good at self promotion. I guess I could wave my non-existent dick around yelling "I'm so good at this!!! READ MY COMIC!!!" but I feel like in the end, if I make good art and tell a good story, people will find it and read it. And tell their friends, hopefully. (You should tell your friends.) I should probably start advertising. That seems like the least amount of effort I could put in for the most gain. Then again, there are some creators out there putting out stuff that I'm not terribly impressed by or interested in, but they're so ubiquitous that it's hard not to respect that. I'm not sure how you get that ingrained in online geek culture, but I am probably not the type of person who will ever be that way. If anything, I would like to just one day be well known but have come out of fucking nowhere. Down the line. At the moment, I'm just grateful that apparently I have a lot of furry fans. I did not expect that, but everyone has been so nice and I'm so grateful that you're spreading the word and helping me out. I THINK next week will be in color. Probably. I've been kind of slacking the last few days because I so desperately needed to after working Black Friday, but this week is relatively quiet, so I should have time. Elias will be the cover for chapter 5 ;). I haven't drawn his squirrely hair in awhile, so that'll be fun. As much as I like working in black and white, and the cleanness of that look, I'm aiming to go full color for my own selfish reasons hahaha. I really need practice, and there's no better way to practice with color than to...fucking color hundreds of pages well into the future. Or whatever.