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Not a morning person.
Posted October 20, 2015 at 1:34 pm
Granted, I don't know anyone who's a morning person at 4:30 in the morning. That's not an actual time. That's another dimension you enter when you accidentally wake up too early. I mostly just wanted to include this page because a werewolf waking up early and growling the whole time amuses me. I was trying to come up with something cute and original for her mug, but all that came to mind was Three Wolf Moon, so there ya go. It seems like the kind of thing Vincent would give her for Christmas to be an ass, but Malaya secretly loves it. Okay! I'm gonna go eat breakfast and finish up coloring the page for tomorrow. I'm rewatching House from the beginning, because I'm super running out of things to watch on Netflix. I'm not ready to start Enterprise yet. I've watched all of the first season of Fixer Upper, which is sort of mesmerizing. I love home decor shows, but I hadn't realized the whole "farm house rustic" trend was quite so pervasive. I do like when they take a house that's almost scheduled for a tear down and completely renovate it, though. My house is 150 years old, so seeing that makes me really happy. My personal style seems to be less "shabby chic", and more "bright colors on all the walls and giant bright white trim, complemented by beat up old junk I mostly find in the trash". It surprisingly works really well. It probably wouldn't work if my house weren't so damn old, though. Sorry, I know at 30, I'm older than a lot of you guys, and you're probably like, who the fuck has a house? But I fucking love my house! I inherited it when my parents passed away, and it's been over a decade at this point trying to get it renovated and fixed up properly. It's totally the perfect size, too. Not overly large but not too small, a reasonable amount of storage, though maybe not to "walk in closets everywhere" modern tastes. And I've paid off the little that was left on the mortgage, so no monthly rent/mortgage payments for me >_>. I'm living the life over here. Plus, the fall weather is amazeballs today. I think it's time to rake leaves! A gross, sweaty, thankless job. Yay!