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Them bedroom eyes.
Posted October 14, 2015 at 1:26 pm
Here's the sexiest this comic will probably ever get lol. I freely use adult language and blood, but somehow throwing sex into things feels like a whole different comic than I'm writing. But who knows, maybe a few years in, I'll get bored and things will start getting spicier. But anyway, yay cute girlfriends! As for the rest of this page, we're still trying to figure out what the hell is going on in this town, so just file all that info away for later. The tracking spell will come up next chapter, and all the rest of this will be addressed...wooooo kind of far down the line. We're playing a long game here guys. Speaking of long game, go Cubs? I think in all those bleacher seats they removed to put up that giant screen at Wrigley field, they must have removed the one that's been cursing them for 100 years. That must have been a really pissed off seat. I've ended up finishing most of the shows I've been watching while working, including Blacklist for the second time :|. And I just finished the first season of The Flash, which was pretty good, though I question their frequent use of "convenient nerds find solution conveniently quickly" on such a regular basis, but I guess it works pretty well over all. The main Barry/Iris pairing seems rather incestuous to me, seeing as they grow up together in this Flash universe, and it feels very much like "nice guy gets the girl in the end", which I'm not a fan of. It's a weird narrative that sets up a main character pining for years, and then have secondary characters trying to push them together even when she's dating someone else, making her repeatedly question her feelings for her current boyfriend. That's weird. It's a strange choice. Very Ross and Rachel, which is a horribly toxic situation to base anything on. I think I just hate like, 90% of romance narratives anyway, but I'm old, so whatever. I have been watching the Great British Baking Show as of yesterday, the season that's now on Netflix, which is not the current one at all. This is such a soothing show. Everyone is so kind to each other, and the drama isn't over the top, and the desserts all look really good. I miss reality tv where everyone seemed like normal people. They all hug when someone has to go home and it's really cute.