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Now that we're not gonna die, how do we make Elias less poisoned?
Posted June 25, 2019 at 12:59 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see...a panel from tomorrow! It was the least spoilery/wordy panel I had to choose from.

It's weird when I get towards the denouement of a chapter, because there's a lot of shit that has to happen all at once, and there isn't a lot of space to give each thing a lot of attention. Malaya manages to transform back to human without any help! That's a big deal! But it's also a relatively small moment, so giving it a whole page almost overplays that she's quietly proud of herself. (And Charlene and Vincent are human, they wouldn't really get the significance...and Elias is knocked out. And Ginger is too new to werewolfing to empathize.) I have the same issue with tomorrow's page: it's wordy by necessity, an effort to connect these pages to the next scene, so it's not high art by any means. But, it does the job well. Sometimes, you have to make the bits that connect the other bits, and you have to put pacing above dragging things out to make them feel significant. So it goes! I did manage to outline the pages for most of the rest of this chapter (and should have all of them nailed down by the end of this week), and I really like how this chapter wraps up, and how it'll effect the rest of the story. 

I've said before, this chapter has a lot of significance for aaaaalll the stuff that will happen until the very end, so uh...hold onto your butts, I guess.

I've got a ton of yard work to do today, and I need to wash the dog, but my goal for this afternoon (or tomorrow, let's be honest) is to write something up for Patreon about how to write the parts that connect different segments of your story. How to take A, B, C, and D happened to A happened, therefore B happened, and B naturally led to C, and C led to the conclusion of D. So stay tuned for that! It's not hard to write a story that flows, you just need to change how you look at where your plot is flowing from.

As per usual, go visit the Hivemill if you'd like to support me with some merchandise! I'll be out of town on vacation for a few months in the middle of July, so I'll only be posting one page a week for the last three weeks of the month. Sorry for that! Well not really sorry, because I need the break and it's my birthday on the 5th, so I deserve it :D.