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Oh hey it's you.
Posted December 15, 2015 at 12:36 pm
Okay, so this page is mostly to transition to the next few pages, but hey, we get to see Charlene and Marin again, so there ya go. And look, there was totally a reason Marin was featured two pages ago! I tied that shit in like I know what I'm doing or something. One fun aspect of the customer service industry is that you can't really talk shit about the customer when they might still hear you, so you kind of end up with short, clipped phrases that might not be interpreted badly if you're overheard. I personally use "Oh good!" a lot...until I get to the back room and can call them a motherfucker. It's a good system! So, in the very first couple pages of this comic, I depicted their store with another store next to it, and then I realized, holy crap this whole time I've drawn this place with windows along the back of the store. My current theory is that the bookstore next door (it's supposed to be a bookstore!) is not very deep, and those windows in the coffeeshop probably overlook like, their parking lot or something. I'm sure there's something worth the view. If nothing else, it makes it easier to draw because everyone is lit from multiple angles and that's my excuse. No one cares but me! Yay! But now you know. Next door is a bookstore. In "what I've been watching while making these pages" news, I've been watching home improvement shows that randos have uploaded to youtube because I don't have HGTV. So far I've watched enough Fixer Upper to make my eyes bleed. I really do like the show! I like when they redo particularly old homes, but the second season is mostly them renovating 70s and 80s homes in this one particular neighborhood around Waco, Texas that apparently everyone wants to live in but the houses are fugly. Not as exciting as old houses getting redone and fixed up :|. Also, it's getting on my nerves that everyone keeps saying "oh my gosh!" instead of "oh my god!" It happens all the time. No one takes the lord's name in vain, no curses to be bleeped out...who the fuck are you people? The other show I'm watching is Rehab Addict, which is this lady restoring old homes around, so far, Detroit, MI and Milwaukee, WI. I really like her! She's got a much more interesting personality, and has no qualms about cursing like a normal person. Plus, she's obviously really really dedicated to fixing these old homes properly. I live in an old home, built in the 1850s, and to see someone respect the quality of work and really go all out to respect and restore it is awesome. She even replaces the light fixtures with ones from the correct period! She has the leaded glass windows fixed and restored! She threw down $50k to have a clay tile roof redone! It actually makes me feel a little bad, because my house was built to be very utilitarian. My house was built as a small German church, then converted to a schoolhouse and finally an actual house in the 1900s. But, it was added onto and redone and torn apart over and over, so there's not much to "save" really. The hardwood floors are more a utilitarian plank subfloor. It's cool! But it's not a "floor" really. You can't sand it and stain it a pretty color. There's a useless set of double doors on the side of my house that were the original church doors, and those are in good shape. The current front door had a big porch on it at some point, which was then torn off at some other point, so I restored what I thought it might look like and it's pretty cool. (And 24' long!) There wasn't an original bathroom or kitchen to speak of, because back in the day, your stove might be freestanding next to a Hoosier cabinet and you'd use an outhouse for a bathroom. The bathroom we did have when my parents bought the house was weird. It was in a hallway? You walked down the middle to get to my parents' room, and on one side was the sink and toilet, and on one side was the giant clawfoot bathtub. Dad built a second bathroom in what was once the original church coat closet, and expanded the original bathroom so it could be enclosed by itself. He never actually finished that, so I recently had the bathroom finished. Luckily, old timey stuff is in again, so I can get all the subway and hex tiles I want right now O_O. And currently, the kitchen's underway. That'll be a long haul project though :p. I'd post pictures somewhere, but the internet is terrifying and I don't want someone up and deciding they want to google around and figure out where I live. Fun! A fun development: I just last night found the damn keyhole covers I need for my interior doors on ebay. I needed three sets, so six total, and they're a perfect match for the ones I currently have in size and shape! They're nickel plated brass, though, and mine are just brass (and very very aged so they're mostly black now). I don't think it'll be a problem though, and I could take off the plating if I really cared. Owning an old house is fun/very weird. Okay, I'm done rambling. Read my damn comic.