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Customer service face
Posted December 9, 2015 at 11:55 am
This fuckin' guy is back. And oops, I feel like I drew him a little attractive? He's just supposed to be an average dude who you'd want to punch in the face. He's suitably punchable in the second to last panel at least. I know we jumped away from lesbians in the last page fairly quickly! I've not done a one page scene before, I don't think. But this chapter is made up of quite a few smaller scenes and one larger scene (the "plot" of this chapter if you will). It just sort of worked out that way. If you've never worked in a customer service job, you wouldn't be familiar with the fact that we put on our best fake smiles and best fake happy voices and then immediately complain about everyone as soon as we're out of sight. It's fun! Mal has obviously recovered from the recent full moon which I chose to skip over >_>. It's not that I didn't want to explore the full moon more yet, but at the moment, it wouldn't have added anything. Their family treats it as game night once a month. They probably played Monopoly. Mal likes to be the race car. Full moons might be interesting if this were a story about a werewolf who was freshly bitten, but she's been a werewolf since she was five. Now it's mildly inconvenient that she's slightly out of control once a month. We'll explore full moons more as her issues with controlling the werewolf side are addressed. But for now, coffee drink problems. On a side note, I made chai sugar cookies the other day with nutmeg/cinnamon icing. The icing was too runny and turned out like a glaze, though. Then yesterday I remembered I had some leftover cream cheese frosting I made in the freezer. Let me tell you, the cookie and the glaze and the icing combined was like eating...something really amazing, I'm not good with metaphors in the morning. It was good. I'm on the verge of a heart attack from all the cookies I've eaten in the last three days, but it was super worth it.