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Only 250k miles? It's practically brand new!
Posted January 1, 2020 at 8:00 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see a preview of a drawing of Elsa I just finished

Happy new year! Happy new decade! If you're reading this, it's possible that I'm out hiking, assuming I dragged my ass out of bed in time to do that. There are upwards of 300 people planning to go hiking at the Indiana Dunes tomorrow, so wish me luck that most of them decide to not do that. Also hoping that the people I know who are planning to go do actually go. My New Year's Eve plans fell through, but I need to get out of the house! 

Anyway, uh...things are bad! There are vines! Many of them! That's bad! I made a special brush to really make this page look crazy, and it didn't disappoint. That was the best time I've had drawing vines in a long time.

Elias is a car dude who likes baseball...I'm getting precariously close to the jock/nerd dynamic here with him and Vincent, though they mutually like baseball at least. Vince is just more into birds and trees. He only vaguely knows what a carburetor does. I had to look up how to spell carburetor, so I guess I also don't know what it does. It has a lot less "a"s in it than I thought, though.