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Peace and quiet
Posted August 3, 2016 at 1:57 pm
This page makes me smile :). I don't do a lot of pages without much going on, either with the dialog or action. I would do more, but you know, you guys only get two pages a week, so lots of pages full of long pauses would kind of put the brakes on this train, so to speak. But every so often, I gotta go with what makes sense, and these dudes needed a pause. Plus, you know, it's kind of significant when you realize you've got someone in your corner, especially if they're not someone you were expecting. In comic news, if you guys want another option for reading this comic, you can check it out on LINE Webtoon now! If you read on your phone, or prefer to read page after page after page, rather than having to click through and reload the site, this might be a better option for you. Note, I'm going to update Webtoon on a bit different schedule. So like, you'll see today's page and next week's pages at the end of next week there. I still need an incentive for people to read my comic here ;). BUT, if you want to give me a cheap thrill and brighten my day, give my comic 10 stars on their site! It keeps getting voted down, so I'm only at 8.2 and that makes me sad :(. Maybe people are mad there isn't more werewolf stuff happening, IDK. Or maybe black and white pages make people irate. They have lots of options to sign into their site without having to fill anything out (facebook, twitter, google, etc), so it's pretty quick to just vote. Plus, the more eyeballs see my comic there, the better chance that LINE will donate to my Patreon, and that'd be pretty sweet. I didn't get a chance to talk about TV yesterday, because I blabbed on about other stuff, so today is TV day! I gotta say, the struggle is real, lately. I'm almost done with Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm kind of liking these later seasons better than the early seasons, though I can tell by this point, they were struggling to stay relevant. I'm liking that Deanna Troi is in an actual uniform now, and like her actress has noted in interviews, there's an immediate difference in how they write her character. That's...actually kind of depressing, really. TNG always sort of vacillates between over sexualizing Troi, and trying to present her as the universal mother figure. The writers of this show definitely struggle with the Madonna/whore dichotomy. (Or, the idea that a woman is often viewed as either absolutely pure or absolutely sinful, but very seldom presented with real sexual agency without judgment.) There was also an episode in there where Beverly Crusher commanded the Enterprise like an absolute bad ass, and that pleased me. Basically, I just want another Star Trek show that shows women in command. Voyager is still my favorite out of all the Star Treks. I don't know if I'll ever actually get through Enterprise, because just approaching the end of the first season, I'm already so fucking annoyed with it, that I don't see the point in continuing. I started Stranger Things, but I realized rather quickly that it's not a show I can watch while working. It's very visual, and I can't watch shows that require too much of my attention. (Because hey, my eyeballs are pretty permanently attached to my drawing screen, not my watching screen.) I might have to resort to podcasts here pretty soon. I've watched all the coverage from the Democratic National Convention on the Daily Show, Nightly Show, Samantha Bee, and Last Week Tonight...but this week, the Daily Show and Nightly Show are on ANOTHER FUCKING HIATUS. It's like they expect me to actually watch the news, geez. BTW, of all of them, Samantha Bee is probably the most amazing. Her show is consistently fantastic, and the clips are all on Youtube. Her coverage about the religious right and gun laws was fucking amazing. Overall, she's my favorite. Anyway, so far, I've been working my way through Forensic Files episodes on Netflix. This makes for some odd moments, like making lunch while listening to them talk about finding someone's body in a dumpster, but eh, it works. I don't really have to watch the show, but the subject matter is interesting, and the show isn't very long, so it keeps my attention fairly well. I'm also making my way through Malcolm in the Middle, which is great because having seen the whole show when it originally aired, I also don't have to watch it too closely, but still have enough of it in my memory that I have context for the sight gags if I don't catch them. Bones is the only TV show that isn't running consistent with the Summer tv schedule, because of their contract delays, so I finished that. Man, why do I still watch Bones? They pulled some bullshit with the season finale, but I only find it in myself to care because it's so stupidly predictable that it makes me angry. Off to make breakfast, have a good week!