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Peer pressure
Posted March 15, 2017 at 1:40 pm
Wander over to Top Web Comics, because I love you, and vote today! You'll get to see an inked panel from next week's page :). One of the more interesting parts of writing this comic is that I initially planned for Elias to be the main one pushing Malaya to get out there and test her limits, but Charlene mostly took that job lol. Elias still has all the werewolf-ing info, but Charlene has the social skills to know how to make people do things. (Elias does not. At all.) This makes sense, because Charlene has known Malaya a little longer, and they work together all day, which builds a different rapport than a guy who comes by and sniffs your scones occasionally. (And maybe your brother, IDK.) Anyway, the point is, I'm getting my damn shopping montage, and it's going to be a shopping montage with story purpose! This chapter is largely a "let's clarify stuff" chapter, so we're going to explore a few more unknowns and also finally get some backstory on Marin and Marisa. Also, we're going shopping, just to be clear. Mal's not so sure about it. I'm off tomorrow to drive to visit my family in Mississippi finally, because I didn't get to do so for Christmas due to having the cold from hell that some bastard at Disneyland gave me. So, I'll be a bit hard to get a hold of for a few days, but we'll all survive! And I'll be driving for like, nine hours. Granted, I could so so easily just hop on a plane. It's a little over an hour flight. My main beef is that I hate flying, and not the actual flying part. I hate that I don't live that far from O'Hare in Chicago, but I have to give myself two hours to get there, because when you account for the ever-present danger of traffic, and then parking, and then waiting for the damn shuttle from the hotel I park at...it takes at least two hours to get there. Then, I'm at the airport early because you have to be, so I have to wait in multiple lines just to get into my terminal so I can wait some more. So, in total, it's like...five hours after I leave my house before I'm even on the damn plane, and then I'm on the plane over an hour, and then I land and my family picks me up...while I wait another half an hour for my luggage. If it only saves me a few hours to fly, then why not spend a measly $80 round trip in gas and have no worries about my schedule and just drive while listening to podcasts and trying not to hit chunks of semi tires in Arkansas or whatever? I need the break pretty desperately at this point! I love making this comic, but a few days off sounds amazing *_*. And I get to sleep in and someone else gets to cook for a few days and the dog won't wake me up in the morning. Amaaaaazing. I'm dragging my aunt to the new Ikea in Memphis, because that's like...all there really is to do there, but that's exactly the pace I want right now.