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Exciting and terrifying.
Posted March 21, 2017 at 1:24 pm
Go vote over at Top Web Comics and you can see the first panel from tomorrow's page! Which isn't finished yet because my life is a mess. Malaya's manners go out the window when she's thinking too hard, apparently. (AS DO MINE.) This wasn't supposed to be a hard page to finish! I knew I'd have to scale back a bit since I was going out of town, so like...a background repeated, some solid background panels, no feet...should be easy! BUT NO. I'm going through another drawing level up crisis, which means everything comes out looking pretty good, but it takes ten times longer because I see every flaw in neon colors. Posing Mal in those last three panels was a nightmare. I like them! But I guess I forgot how to draw arms or something initially and had to keep screwing with the poses. I felt like I was drawing an octopus. Elias's face has only two modes when I draw him now: stupid grin and weirdly seductive. I mean, that's good. I wasn't planning that, but sure! Anyway, my trip to Mississippi was good! Mostly! It wasn't all that exciting, but that's what I wanted. I had four days to just not be involved with the outside world, try to avoid politics with my very conservative aunt, and do a lot of yoga while watching TV. Solid plan, overall. I drove there, spending most of Missouri flipping stations on the radio to no avail and listening to podcasts most of the time. Once you get south of Chicago, about half the radio stations are trying to tell you that you're going to go to hell, so that's exciting. All right, one more page in this part of the chapter and then we switch locations finally!