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Pizza for breakfast
Posted January 18, 2017 at 12:46 pm
Vote over at TWC, and you can see the messy, messy thumbnails that turned into this week's pages :). Well, being a werewolf requires a lot of calories, and being a very fluffy werewolf for any length of time requires a lot of EXTRA calories, so here we are. Are there pizza places that'll deliver at 5am? I know there's a chain in Chicago that'll deliver you cookies at the wee hours of the night, but I'm not sure about pizza. Anyway, werewolf sleepover? I'm not super awake yet, and my mental health this week is kind of all over the place, so I don't have much more to say :p. Next week starts a whole new presidency, with all that entails, and combined with the general bleakness of winter, I'm not feeling overly optimistic lately. I did manage to clean the garage out a bit yesterday! That's always good. I found a corner. Gonna put a shelf in it. Gonna hang some bikes in it. I bought said shelf and bike hooks, but I've got too many other things to accomplish today, so that'll have to wait. I have a surprisingly large/deep garage, even though it only holds one car, but it's filled up with scrap wood and bits and pieces for the remodel on my house, so one corner is a definite improvement! My mother's eternal battle was with my house's basement, which was filled to the brim by 100+ years of previous tenants. (There was some good shit down there, though.) I guess my eternal battle will be the garage...which was largely my parents' fault in the first place! One day it'll be clean. Kind of. Acceptable, at least. I'll be at the Women's March in Chicago on Saturday! I'd say you should look for me, but as there's going to be some 40,000 other people there, um, just know that we'll be there together if you're going as well? There's nothing Chicago likes more than a good protest, so I'm looking forward to it.