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Faster than laser hair removal
Posted January 17, 2017 at 1:26 pm
Vote over at TWC for a preview of a panel from tomorrow's page :D. Some of you guessed that Malaya was still a giant werewolf because she couldn't change back yet, and you were right! Having definitive proof that her brother was okay helped her mentally get to a place where she didn't need to be giant and hairy anymore. Even though she managed to access that "turn into a werewolf" brain space in order to transform, being in real werewolf form is still definitely a very defensive place for Malaya to be. Elias is used to switching back and forth, probably even for fun sometimes, but Malaya's only ever had to transform in fight-or-flight situations. Fun fact, I have noooo idea what the hell to do with blank space. Not every panel calls for a background, nor should it, but panels like this always mess me up. I think I like it, after fighting with it for awhile, but I'll be happy when I finally feel comfortable with negative space and it comes more naturally. It was easier in black and white! Even if I can produce results I'm happy with, I always work towards getting to a place where I can produce those results faster. Some of the best advice I've seen in regards to making a comic is that you have to just accept that you aren't always going to make your best art. For the sake of speed and efficiency, sometimes you have to just keep going and finish the damn thing, and then move on to the next page. A lot of that philosophy is why I don't plan to go back and mess with the earlier pages of this comic. They might not match where I'm at with my art now, but they still have their charm, and they're done. Making a comic is largely about finding a balance between quality and speed. If you make amazing pages, but you're only producing a few over a long period of time, then you're not getting enough of your story out there for anyone to connect with. If you don't take any time on your pages, people will be turned off by what they see as a lazy effort, and move on to other things. It's a tough balance, but so it goes. In other news, I watched Selma last night with my roommate in honor of Martin Luther King day. My other friend told me afterwards that they had to write their own speeches for the movie, because the King family wouldn't give them the rights to use his original speeches. Somehow, that makes the movie that much more impressive. I think, overall, Selma did a good job of balancing the different points of view while still humanizing Martin Luther King in a way I wasn't expecting. He's shown to have differences with the other people in his movement, and surrounding movements, and his family, etc. I also liked that Ava Duvernay didn't downplay the violence. Selma was pretty horrifying, but the reality of the situation was a lot worse. I watched a speech John Lewis gave the other day recounting the initial march on the bridge, and the movie matched his account exactly. Most of his speech was about raising chickens and totally charming. Fun fact: Fort Wayne, Indiana actually has a replica of the bridge in Selma in their downtown, and it lights up in various colors along the side supports. I seem to remember for LGBT pride week, they lit it up with rainbow colors. Fort Wayne's a pretty cool place. Okay, off to eat breakfast and finish tomorrow's page!