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Quick! We need a landscaping company that's not made up of werewolves!
Posted February 6, 2019 at 12:40 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see the scribbled thumbnails that slowly morphed into this page! 

Oooooh my god I'm so tired. I've been fighting with this page for hours trying to get the colors to gel, and somewhere along the line I tossed all my color theory knowledge out the window and just went ham on it until it kind of works. It kind of works now. I'm sure Future Shawn will look at it with fresh eyes and know exactly what will kick this page's ass, but I don't. I added so many layers at different opacities to get Mal and Charlene to be visible on that dark forest background, so who knows.

Anyway, the surprise from yesterday is glowing green leaves! Many of them! On the other side of the house now! (Not that Charlene and Mal realize they literally wrap around the house, leaving only the front uncovered, but you and I do. Or we do now that I mentioned it.) I realized while drawing this page that I've never shown this angle of Connie's house before, so that was interesting.

I'd have more interesting things to say, but I spent all day yesterday building a website for the League of Women Voters in my area and also fixing the page for my local Democrats, and now I'm tired. So I'm gonna go...not be on the computer as much as possible today. adjkadfjaksdfjasd