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Malaya, it's rude to leave someone out of the conversation!
Posted February 12, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Harvey and Marcus very confused by tomorrow's page

Oh man, these pages are killing me! I haven't quite worked out a color scheme I really like (especially with the pink turtles from last week, they clash with everything), but I also am too brain dead from winter to really be able to work out what to change. Soooo they'll do. For now. It's not bad. Mostly this section turned out purple and green, which isn't a bad color combo. They're complementary colors. I think I'm just in that weird space where my skills are trying to level up, but my eyeballs can see the flaws before I've figured out how to fix them. It's fun! 

Poor Charlene, she's the third wheel in this long distance phone call. Werewolf hearing comes through, meaning we can all stay as far away from the creepy vines as possible. Sort of. Aubrey and the others are a little stuck, but they'll be...fine. Probably. Maybe.

Okay, I'm gonna plow through the rest of my to do list with whatever energy I can muster today. It's been raining and icing over all night, so outside is basically a nightmare place. I guess I'm stuck indoors no matter what :|