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RIP little houseplant
Posted April 5, 2016 at 1:02 pm
First things first, if you guys could vote for me at Top Web Comics, that would be super cool! There's even a very cute incentive drawing if you do :D. I'm working on getting a button up on the site so you can click that and it'll be easier for all of us, and by "working on", I mean procrastinating. But hey, you guys helped me get onto the front page! Thank you :D. And as a result, I had my best days ever the last two days in a row in terms of hits, and beat my record yesterday. On a Monday! When I haven't posted in a week! That's super cool. Over at Patreon, I've been trying to add up more stuff for lower tier folks! I'm going to try and ramp that up more as I get used to adding it to my list of stuff to do. Sooooo....fuck that plant, I guess. Fun fact, that's actually a Sansevieria, or "Serpent's Tongue" plant. Normally it wouldn't really wilt or move much, since it's got very stiff leaves, but it definitely bends and shrivels if it's unhappy. Besides being an easy plant to illustrate what's going on on this page, um...the name sort of fits Connie's whole...thing. They also make fantastic houseplants and are very very difficult to kill. There's a big ass one I keep eyeing at the hardware store that's almost as tall as me, but I can't justify having to move it around all the time when my house is still (and forever) being renovated. I'll be interested to see what people's interpretation of this page is! I suspect at least a few people will get it right, though I'm not going to confirm anything. Is Connie still the bad guy here? Or maybe there are many different facets that make someone evil...hm. In life news, I've found a home for my FIV kitten! He's sticking with me a few more weeks, which is fine, but my friend has an FIV+ cat already and he could use a friend. So that's super cool :D. Also, I finished watching the second season of Daredevil. It was good! Their pronunciation of "yakuza" is driving my ears crazy though. And like, excessive ninjas. So much ninja. Luckily, since I'm usually working on my other screen, the many many fight scenes make it easy to not have to look away from drawing. I've also started mixing in episodes of Fixer Upper, because I've been addicted to home renovation shows since I was like...10. (I was an avid Christopher Lowell fan in elementary school, though I never agreed with his excessive use of up-lighting.) I really enjoy Fixer Upper, though. I prefer the episodes where they take a crazy old house and make it look amazing again, because as the owner of a 150 year old house, that's very relatable. Lately, many of the episodes are like...young couple with $200k+ to spend wants to live in popular suburb of Waco, TX and thus buys something ugly built in the 70s and has it updated by the show to look less awful. Um, that's okay. It's not as much fun, and sometimes I think they get rid of some of the more charming weird elements of houses built in the 60s, especially. One house had these very funky kitchen cabinets that were sort of built where the cabinet fronts were at an angle. So the whole cabinet was larger at the top and tapered smaller towards the bottom. The doors were a nice looking wood. Like, those I would have refinished and kept. They're obviously custom! Also, the weird obsession everyone has with open floor plans needs to go. Do people really want their kitchen and their living room all in the same space? Doesn't that feel like an apartment? Maybe I'm super biased because my house is a series of giant box rooms shoved together with doorways in between. If I closed all the available doors in this house, the only rooms open to each other would be my main living room/office and the kitchen, and only because that doorway doesn't have doors on it. Back in the day, for heating purposes, having rooms closed off that didn't require heating was kind of the norm. Don't want the central part of your house to lose heat! Okay, I'm off to finish coloring the backgrounds for tomorrow's page, because I make poor decisions and this is going to take awhile. And then bowling! I'm gonna go suck at bowling this afternoon :D. Yay!