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Posted April 6, 2016 at 1:53 pm
I'm still moving up in the world on Top Web Comics, but if you could vote for me, that'd be awesome! One day, I'll make a button so I can stop bothering you guys :). But hey, I made it to 58! That's super cool! Okay, so there's a lot to unpack on this page! First off, some of the bilingual people I know switch languages back and forth when talking to family/friends, and some don't, so I have no idea. I like the idea that Malaya and Vincent speak Tagalog and English to each other as needed, though. With a white dad and living in the US (and Michigan, which has like, almost no Filipino population), they don't really need to speak a second language, but I still think their mom would have made it a priority that they learn. She travels back to the Philippines to visit family pretty frequently, so that would make it easier to drag the whole family eventually. Vincent went to public school, but was additionally home schooled alongside Malaya, so they would have learned at the same time, I think. Anyway, I also liked the idea that they watch TV together. I don't know why I picked Scandal, other than that I can see Vincent being obsessed with it, but totally in secret. And he'd be super sad to miss an episode. This is what DVR is for, friends. Or just watch it on Hulu the next day, I don't know. (Disclaimer: I have not watched enough Scandal to have an opinion about it, though I have a few friends who are obsessed with it. I would have gone with How to Get Away With Murder, but that wouldn't fit in the word bubble.) Also, Malaya knits! She's pretty good at it. (I am not.) It's good for anxiety, it's productive, it keeps her from mauling her family close to a full moon, etc. All around a good hobby. Plus, it's one you don't really have to leave the house for, and that's her jam. She can order yarn and patterns online and doesn't have to worry about killing someone in the knitting section of Michael's. I probably didn't have to put so much damn time into drawing this page, buuuut I did. I put the inks up on Patreon if you're a $5 or more supporter and want to see more details. Then, I just covered it all up with darkness! Oops. Still, it's good practice. Even if no one sees most of the effort, at some point I'll end up repeating this scene in the daylight and bam! Already got a background ready. In fact, I did actually have the same scene in the top frame in chapter 2, but I ended up redrawing most of it. Because hey, I have improved since then! And this looks better! Plus now it's vector, so I can resize it as much as I want and that makes my heart smile. Various life updates! Bowling with friends went well yesterday, and I suck at bowling :D. I'm not bad if I concentrate, but I've got an easily agitated stress injury to my right wrist since high school, and after a few games, my arm just can't do it anymore. Sooooo, not gonna be joining any bowling leagues anytime soon, but it was fun. The weather in the Midwest is weird as hell lately. I'm over it, honestly. We've had a few actually really nice days, some regular spring rain, and then last Friday, it snowed, hailed, and rained the same day. Early this morning, it rained and hailed like a motherfucker. Today is pretty gross. It's supposed to warm up a bit, and then it's going to be gross this weekend...then we'll see. I have a lot of yard work to do and this is not helping! How are people going to see my cute plants if I can't get all the leaves off of them? Also, I am tired of being cold. It's the worst. Okay, I'm off to eat breakfast and rejoin humanity.