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Run like hell!
Posted February 17, 2016 at 12:25 pm
Okay, first and foremost, I finally set up a Patreon account! If you guys wanna help support me making this comic, it would be super cool if you would support me through Patreon. There are a few incentives for the various tiers, and I'll post those starting the first week of next month. I'm afraid I can't offer anything terribly outlandish, considering I'm like, already making a webcomic and it's a gigantic undertaking. But, I'll do my best! And if there's something weirdly specific that you might be interested in donating for, let me know and I'll consider it. I've been considering offering art critiques or red lining for anyone interested in donating in the $10 range, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested? Anyway, I will continue shilling my Patreon account in a larger manner in the next few weeks :). Anyway, here's your answer to my "I hate Plans (TM) forever" version of planning lol. Next week's comic will explain a bit more, too. If you missed my rant the first time around a few pages back, the gist of it is, I hate that every damn TV show (and often comics) brings around this idea of the Plan. I think it's lazy writing. We'll charge after the bad guys! This person will be look out on the roof of the location that we're conveniently super aware of! This person will charge in the side door and take out the guards we're conveniently aware of! Our main character will charge in the other door and fight the Supreme Bad Guy! We will win because there's nothing that could go wrong! But something does go wrong! Oh no, our plan is ruined! BUT WAIT WE WORKED TOGETHER AND WIN ANYWAY!!! It's nonsense. There's normal person day-to-day planning, and then there's TV Plans (TM), and they drive me nuts. I also hate that no one on TV says goodbye when they hang up the phone. Everyone's just hanging up on each other over and over! Who does that? No real people do that. People on TV are terribly rude and also very stupid. (You also cannot "hack" into a system by rapidly typing nothing on a keyboard. You especially cannot hack faster by using two people on one keyboard.) But my TV trope hate aside, I'm really looking forward to where things go after this chapter! Originally, this chapter was going to be fairly short in order to get to like, actual big things, but I realized that the big things have to kind of be set up first. A lot. So this chapter kept ballooning. But it ballooned into something I'm really happy with, because everything that happens in chapter 5 is going to really help support the next few chapters. My point is, some shit is going down in the next few chapters that's going to drive everything thereafter and I've been anticipating getting to those chapters for like half a year at this point and I'm super excited. Soooooo, I'm gonna go take my excitement and eat some damn breakfast. Support my Patreon!