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Random werewolf action.
Posted February 23, 2016 at 12:35 pm
First order of business, I have a Patreon account now! It would help me out if you threw a couple bucks my way, and then in return I will attempt to pamper you with whatever extras I can come up with. Mostly, you'll be supporting this comic and helping me pay bills, and that would just be super neat. (And if you can't see my links still, let me know. Or clear your cache first, because that stuff tends to stick around. Wordpress overrode the original settings on my stylesheet in the last update. Yaaaaay.) So, this page will be important down the line, but right now it's just kind of here. So file Flora and her hunky werewolf dude away for later, friends. Fun fact, if your flashing back to a rando witch 30 years ago, it involves a lot of googling about 80s fashion. So much googling. I existed in the 80s, so I know I could have pushed her look a bit farther, but as with any era of fashion, what you are told is fashionable isn't what most people are going to wear day-to-day. So instead, she gets a simple rolled-cuff baggy tshirt and those awful mom jeans everyone insisted on wearing. Gotta really accentuate that lower belly. My mother particularly insisted on wearing mom jeans until the day she died, and the one time I saw her wear low-rise jeans (which were in at the time), she looked amazing. But I don't think she liked them :P. So I have a lot of built up resentment towards mom jeans. Fun fact, I have never drawn chest hair before! But now I have. It's kind of relaxing. I think werewolf guys would be naturally pretty hairy...everywhere. One day in the distant future, we'll test out that theory on Elias, maybe. (This comic contains ample cursing, but a slow burn towards eventual male shirtlessness. Totally normal.) I would need a million panels to perfectly clarify the action on this page, but I don't have them and we'd get bored. So if it isn't totally apparent, she does not best him in speed, she tricks him. The first attack he dodges. The second attack, she aims ahead of his path and catches him that way. I mostly spend a million hours getting Flora to look right in that first big panel! Drawing a character the first time takes way longer than drawing them the hundredth time.