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Science is neat!
Posted March 19, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Elias confusing the hell out of Ginger :)

No page tomorrow! I'm taking the week off to refresh my creative brain juices so that I'm ready for the next part of this story! Also, C2E2 is this weekend and I have to hit that up, so my whole Friday is devoted to running around Chicago basically :P.

As we established earlier in this chapter, Ginger really wants to learn. She's actually pretty smart, she just hasn't had an opportunity to get much education. And who better to science it up with than Vincent, who loosens up a bit when you give him something nerdy to talk about for awhile? I set out a specific path for these three in this chapter, which was Vincent resenting Ginger a bit for uh, existing. Then showing him feeling left out of Elias and Ginger bonding, then finally he gets a chance to find some common ground with her too. Which is good! Because they'll need it later.

One more dreamy foresty page where everyone bonds, and then I get to throw this whole thing off the rails starting in April. I get to throw some new characters into this mix, so I hope you guys are ready :D. We're at the halfway point of Chapter 9, which means the rest of this chapter gets to go full tilt, which won't stop until...chapter 11! So that'll be fun for me. Or exhausting, IDK. Action pages are sometimes faster to draw than pages like this, because everything is zoomed in more with less backgrounds. Buuuut you get enough people actioning at once, and then it's a pain in the ass again.