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She's springy
Posted July 24, 2018 at 2:48 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page of Mal trying to claw Elias because this is a normal comic. Oh man, figuring out fight pages that aren't necessarily about fighting in a "let's tear each other's faces off" kind of way, but more in an aggressively playful kind of way is TOUGH. I like drawing action scenes, but they take more thought than a normal scene. Or maybe it's just that they take a different kind of thought than a normal scene. There's not as much dialog, but you also don't want to end up like Dragonball where one fight goes on for ten episodes and the tension ramps up over and over to the point of absurdity. (Note: I do not care about your Dragonball hot takes, I haven't watched it in 20 years, so I don't know what you're talking about. And yes, I watched the actual original series when it aired as well as Z when it aired.) Anyway, I know I've designated Elias as being fast, and Marin being strong, so I've generally decided that Malaya is going to fall somewhere in the middle. If she's not fully wolfed out, she's also more agile than the other two due to her smaller size. If she is fully wolfed out, then she's built like a Mac truck, so I imagine agility gets toned down a bit. (She's still shorter than Elias and Marin when she's all transformed, but she's beefier looking. I just like drawing beefy werewolves.) Conveying this difference in ability is kind of hard with just pictures, but as per usual, I'll work it in over time until everyone's like "oh yeah, Malaya's more agile than the other two" and I'll be like "yes." I'm dragging my city friend to the local county fair this week, which I'm very excited about! There's nothing like gorging on fair food and petting farm animals and trying to keep your dinner down on a ride that was built in 1978. (Every ride at my county fair are the same rides I've been on since I was a kid, which is why I trust none of the ones that go upside down, thank you.) My friend just started dating a girl from down state Illinois who does barrel racing, which is some sort of fancy horse thing, and my friend is now known as a "city girl" by her girlfriend and her family. It's just amusing because the Chicago people assume everyone on the Indiana side of the state line are hicks, but it's all in degrees I suppose. I grew up petting farm animals at the fair and driving through corn fields, but I live in a generally urban-suburban area and don't know shit about farming. My city friend never did any of that stuff growing up. My friend's girlfriend has only ever done country/farm things. It's interesting! Unfortunately, my area's shining beacon of "this is too country bumpkin to exist" entertainment, DC's Country Junction, has closed. It was off a dirt road, included line dancing for entertainment, and they gave you raw meat to cook your own burger (and a slice of wrapped American cheese if you wanted to make it fancy). I've only heard tales of this place, and I'm a little disappointed that I'll never get to horrify my Chicago and LA friends with its existence. (I've never been, but I suspect I'd have been horrified too.)