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I get knocked down, but I get up again...
Posted July 18, 2018 at 2:15 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails that started out this week's pages! They're very messy. I feel like this is an appropriate page to reference Chumbawamba. I'm having fun experimenting with drawing forest backgrounds, not that you can hardly see them. Trying to figure out interesting ways for Mal to fall down was a bit of a challenge, but whenever I have weird pose issues, I just figure it out using DesignDoll. There's some stuff you can't imagine, and you can't reference, so thankfully, weird 3D doll programs exist. (Clip Studio has a much better 3D posing doll thing, but I can never manage to get it to behave in terms of moving one limb without every other thing moving, so I've given up because I'm old and I'm tired.) The people who predicted that she'd start getting more wolfy are correct! (That'd be the most natural progression, I think.) She sort of looks like a pissed off character from The Goofy Movie with her nose transformed, but I didn't want to get into a snout yet, because that's too hard to draw at different angles, so yeah. I am planning on having Marin transformed fully in this chapter, so that'll be fun. I was going to wait til next chapter, but it makes more sense here. She's the only one I haven't gotten to who isn't part of Aubrey's pack. (Poor Aubrey's pack.) Anyway, my goal for today is to fry myself alive outside because I have a handful of plants that I desperately need to get planted and have ignored now since...middle of June. I'm actually mostly out of room for planting things, but there are a few flowerbeds I need to just obliterate and start over because they've been invaded by bishop's weed ground cover and are totally unusable. It's actually grown well into my neighbor's yard at this point, but I haven't had time to fight it off this year. My aunt said to weed whack it to hell, then cover it in some compost and cardboard and mulch and just...leave it for a few years until it's a confirmed kill. Sounds good to me! I've tried smothering it with plastic before, but after a whole summer, it just came back anyway. It's a real asshole plant.