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Slowing down
Posted May 24, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the scribbly mess that eventually turned into this week's pages! And hey, here's my LAST PLUG for the Fashion Contest! You've got til the end of the day tomorrow :). I'm writing this post from the past! I won't be around most of Wednesday, so I'm preposting this. If I fuck anything up, I'll fix it later in the day :). Anyway, a few people mentioned that it seemed like the first few pages of this scene didn't really need dialog, which I don't disagree with! But a lot of my thought process there was that Malaya was still riding high on anxiety brain. Anxiety brain is kind of loud, and despite one's best efforts to just. calm. the. fuck. down, sometimes you're still left with thoughts that won't stop thinking. I felt like this page kind of balances out the first few forest pages. I wanted something that wrapped up the idea that Malaya's perspective on things has fundamentally shifted. Fun comic and/or film tip: "coming" and "going" are different directions. For the sake of clarity, it helps to determine a direction for all the action, and to reverse that direction when a character leaves a scene. She's moving towards the right on all the early pages, and when she leaves, she's heading left. It's a small thing, but it solidifies the idea of where she's going and the space that she occupies. Space is very important! (Not just because it has planets and we live there.) I'd have more to say, but I've got a million things to get done today, and coloring that forest took foreeevvvveeerrrr. The saddest part is that after drawing all those little goofy tree details, most of it got obscured by the finishing details. Oops! Oh well, it looks good. I'm considering cropping the middle panel and offering it as a print, if anyone thinks they'd like to buy one? I'll also be making it into a wallpaper for my Patreon dudes :).