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Something about being torn apart.
Posted January 20, 2016 at 12:46 pm
Between yesterday's page and today's page, I'm spent! Harvey's damn hair is fun to draw, and I'm super happy with the outcome, but maaaaan it takes forever. So today, we're getting a bit more insight into Harvey and Ginger's feelings about the situation. Ginger's obviously not Connie's biggest fan, and she doesn't feel like she'll be all that useful when it comes to all these big plans. Harvey's more worried about the logistics of a life without Connie in the picture. And Tim. He's not exactly employable in a traditional sense. Looking at this page, there is so much dialog! But I think it's that I tend to break it up more than a lot of comic makers. I don't particularly like dense word bubbles. They're hard to read and hard to focus on the information in them. Outside of experimental work, I really think the number one focus of a comic should always be clarity. (Says the person who keeps making pages where everything happens in the dark. Oops.) Clear poses, clear screen direction, clear order of panels, clear dialog, clear story. I guess I kind of like clarity in just about everything. I mean, within reason. You don't want to hand out all your story's secrets on the first day, but I think there should be a clear path to answers. I don't do well with muddily, deep introspective nonsense. Not that I don't like reading into things, but I think there should be layers to a work, and it should be enjoyable on multiple levels. One of those levels might be more straightforward, and I think that helps contribute to a universality of a story. Anyway, I have watched an astounding amount of TV while making these pages. I finally finished Shameless season 4 and started season 5. I still maintain that for the sort of wackiness of the plot sometimes, it's still one of the more true-to-life depictions of Chicago that I've ever seen. And it even occasionally touches on South Side versus North Side, which I don't see most things set in Chicago touching on. (There's a pretty big cultural and economical divide between south and north in the city.) Plus, they actually shoot most of the show in the city. I wonder if I can be an extra one day? That would be fun. I've also watched a hilarious amount of X-Files. I can't even really tell you what's happening because it all goes by so quickly while drawing and coloring. I will say that they seem to really hit their stride sometime in season 3, it feels like. Mulder's cracking more jokes, Scully seems a bit less standoffish. I'm enjoying it. When I actually look over at my other screen to see what's happening. Finally, I watched all the new episodes of Galavant! I was so-so about the first season, but the second season is really solid! The songs are good, the characters are more well-formed, and I want to be friends with Timothy Omundson. I really liked him on Psych, and I think that's informing how much I like him on Galavant, actually. I hit 1000 followers on Tumblr! That's pretty cool. (Now I want even more >_>.) I'm gonna post up some fan art I've had kicking around that I haven't had any time to finish in order to celebrate. Probably today or tomorrow! Gotta get my life in order today before I can tell if I have time.