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My name is Harvey.
Posted January 26, 2016 at 12:20 pm
This page ended up weirdly sadder than I think I planned originally. Oops. So, here's a little more insight into where this goofy little pack is at emotionally. Obviously they had parents at some point, but can't remember them. (I feel like maybe if you're going to be abducted at a young age and stuck in a beat up house your whole life, maybe it's better than you don't remember your life before? That seems more cruel to me, I guess.) Also, here's to establishing Harvey as the smart one? You always need a designated smart one. Anyway, this page kind of made me want to die when I was drawing it! Perspective gives me a headache, and objects vs people in perspective is deceptively hard. Harvey is pretty tall, and even after mocking up this room in SketchUp (I measured my blocks and everything!), I'm still not sold on how she relates to the bed given the distance she's standing from the bed. The little fake people you can drop into SketchUp aren't that tall, and they're flat, so not as useful. Weirdly enough, I think if I run into issues setting up a room in the future, I'll just fire up the Sims and use that as a reference. Though, then I would want to PLAY the Sims, and that's like an eight hour black hole my life will be lost into. I swiped all my friend's discs for Sims 3 after she upgraded to Sims 4, and I had to install the damn thing on my secondary drive instead of my SSD because it took up so much room. How do people who don't build their computers from scratch manage to play this game? Or any game? Because my beast struggles, and it doesn't struggle with much. On a completely unrelated note, if you happen to live in an area that's super Polish like I do (the Chicagoland area has the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw!), that means Fat Tuesday is coming up which means PACZKI ARE HERE. Paczki are basically very fattening jelly donuts. Sometimes they have cream in them instead. (I personally like the chocolate cream ones, but I can never find them around me.) My goal for the last few years is to venture to one of the many Polish bakeries on the South Side and see if I can find some really good paczki, but I've never had the time in the weirdly brief window that they're available. I don't really think it's the paczki specifically that I'm excited for, so much as when they start appearing, that means winter is basically done and spring is SO CLOSE. Especially when I moved back from Los Angeles, and the first winter back home was just non-stop blizzards, seeing special Polish donuts show up in stores became this weird mark that I made it through and things were only going to get better. So there ya go. I'm a really big fan of Polish jelly donuts :D. Oh, and I've gotten so many nice comments lately from people who have just discovered my little comic and read it straight through! That's awesome! And super flattering! I will endeavor to continue making more pages for years to come, so please tell your friends if you think they'd also like to read it :D. Help me escape obscurity! NEXT WEEK IS MY ONE YEAR COMIC-VERSARY! I can't believe I've been plugging away at this for a year. I'm going to try and make some art to celebrate :D. In between all the extra shifts I picked up at work because our seasonal hires are done and now there are a bunch of open shifts they have to fill >_>.