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Sounds like a personal problem.
Posted August 29, 2018 at 1:12 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails from this week and last week, so you can compare my scribbles to the finished page. Scribbles are fun. Oh man, it was nice to have one, simple page filled with mostly just Connie's face after drawing nine people over and over. (Granted, I kind of shafted Tim on those pages, because he was on the ground and I didn't want to keep having to mess with the composition to get him in.) What's gonna happen next??? Who's she afraid of??? Why are there leaves on her hands??? IDK, don't worry about it. We'll figure it all out later! Just shove everything in the back of your mind and hold on tight, because the next chapter gets weird. (Chapter 10 will be the last chapter in this arc, so Chapter 9 has to set up some big stuff.) There are about 10 or so more pages left in this chapter, which means I guess I need to start hammering out Chapter 9 a bit more thoroughly. As per usual, it's still kind of an amorphous blob that just kicks around in my brain until later. But it's mostly about Elias and Vincent, so I know that'll get people's attention lol. They deserve at least one chapter to get their shit together. Malaya is still around, just not with them this time. I always start out with vague plans and end up surprised that it comes out to 80 pages. Oh well! I like an 80 page chapter, what can I say. All right, my cold is mostly done with even though I can't smell anything yet, so I think today is just an effort to relax a bit and get my energy back up :P. And plant a few sale plants I've had sitting on the porch for weeks now >_>