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Elias, your mom is terrifying.
Posted September 4, 2018 at 3:02 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the drawing of Poison Ivy I've been slowly working on. I'm just going to keep starting and never finishing anything yay! Hm, Sara's bucking her loyalty to the council (what loyalty she might have had)...surely that won't turn into a problem >_>. The werewolf council is an interesting story element to work around, because I threw it in there to begin with in order to help throw up some barriers to issues getting solved too quickly. Like, why would Malaya have any challenges at all if Sara can just march in and fix stuff and call it a day? But the council keeps her occupied so she's not fucking up the mechanics of this story too much, while still giving Sara some opportunities for characterization. But as I've gone on, the council has given me a few neat opportunities to really throw some wrenches in the gears going forward, and I'm looking forward to it. I don't know if there's a good way to really plot out all the hurdles your characters will face until you get deeper into your story and realize the potential for all the elements. Look at all the things I can do! Time to fuck up everyone's lives hooray! And just to be clear, because I'm not sure people always realize, the commentary I put down here is obviously optional. I don't write the story with the idea that you'd need to read anything in this section to understand what's happening. (I don't plan out these entries until I sit down and post the page, anyway.) I consider this sort of "director's commentary" and a means of keeping track of my creative process while I make my way through writing this story. You're free to not read my entries if you think they take away from the story, or explain things too much, or whatever. There's not a good way to strike a balance as a writer, tbh, in the story itself or in these entries. I can write this story in order to explain every aspect of magic and witches and werewolves and packs and councils and Michigan and coffeeshops, and there will still be people who want more details, more explanation, etc. OR I can explain nothing, and get endless questions about what's happening. Either way, some people will want things to be more thorough and some people will complain that I'm telling them too much. I personally prefer stories that explain what's happening, because my attention span is too short to remember shit, and also because it comforts me that I'm reading something where I can tell the author had a plan in mind. (And obviously, it depends on the story. My favorite book is Slaughterhouse Five, but that book doesn't explain shit at all and I love it.) I think it suits this story, but who knows. I only write for myself, you guys are just along for the ride anyway. I'll try to get to comments as I can! I'm trying to cut myself a bit of a break on them lately. I'm up to my eyeballs in real life things I have to get accomplished before winter, which you wouldn't think would be an issue in September, but you'd be surprised.