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Suddenly tree
Posted November 30, 2016 at 1:41 pm
If you vote over at TWC today, you can check out the scribbly mess that eventually turned into this page! Yay! One really odd fact about this scene is that I always planned on Tim smacking into a tree, but I forgot about that when I started laying out the space. It just so happened that I put a large tree off to the side of the house to give some depth to a few shots, and hey! that tree ended up being very convenient! Good job, Past Shawn. Way to...not plan ahead, but it worked out anyway. Malaya is seen here rocking a very mid-80's crop top and sportswear combo, as featured mostly on dudes. We need to bring that look back, honestly. Nowadays, the youths are just tearing their tank tops down the sides so you end up with a kind of sad, floppy, crossing-guard-vest-shaped shirt thing. No one wants to see your pits, and you'll never have abs again, so the answer is crop tops, my friends. Just watch the Bill & Ted movies and take fashion tips as needed. (Luckily, Malaya only invests in the stretchiest of shirts and workout shorts.) I'm very sorry for the lack of violence! I was surprised by how many people were waiting for Malaya to show up and like, literally tear Tim in two lol. (Side note, I need to update the character page, so I'm sorry if it's hard to keep track of these randos.) For a werewolf comic, these scenes will probably never rise above this level of violence. Not just because I'm kind of a big peace-y weirdo, but because when you're trying to write a story based on character growth and emotional interactions, it's kind of hard to wrap your brain around writing the emotional growth arc of a woman dealing with anxiety when she's also willing to literally tear someone's arm off! Mal's kind of a bruiser, but she's not looking to kill anyone. I think a lot of random violence works best in movies that aren't particularly introspective, because if you're too attached to the character, eventually you realize, "Hey, wait, I like this guy! Did he just tear that other guy's head off? I mean, he seemed pretty cool, but now I'm thinking he might be psychotic." And anyway, by the end of this arc, whenever the hell that'll be, if you don't have a lot of feels about the weird rag-tag pack, then you're probably not human. So they need all their limbs, including Tim. Side note, Tim's rather handsome when he's not trying to kill anyone, and I'm looking forward to exploring his less crazy side in the future! Eventually! Making comics takes too long. In life news, my damn car is leaking something or other. My car is a 12-year-old Hyundai Elantra, and I've never actually had problems with it before. The current suspicion is that it's coolant leaking onto the radiator, making a fuck load of steam. I knew there was something odd with the heating system, because normally it blows warm air right away, and that hasn't worked right in about a month. Either way, it's still cheaper than a new car, and I don't drive much as it is. (My car has 108k miles, which is still pretty low.) So, poor car is off to the mechanics for that issue, some new rotors, a tire rotation, and a general inspection. I'd buy a new car, but I fucking hate new cars. Do you know how hard it is to drive a car when you're 4'11"? I mean, I CAN drive just about anything, but sometimes that means I can barely reach the radio. Or see enough over the steering wheel to judge where the car ends. And now, they're trying to make cars safer, which means making the pillars bigger in the front and back (the part of the car that wraps around the windshields) and making the belt line higher (the height of the side windows, so where you'd normally rest your elbow). Little tiny person trying to operate even a little tiny car with little tiny windows is a horrifying experience. So I need my damn 2006 car to last as long as possible, not just so I don't have to shell out $30k for a new car, but because the air bag won't kill me and I can still see out the windows, and those things are important to me. I'm looking forward to huffing it almost a mile to violin lessons tomorrow! I guess I need the exercise, but that'll be interesting! Okay, I'm off to clean my entire house because I feel like I'm living in chaos yaaaaay! ETA: I still haven't finished cleaning the house, but I did update the character page so you can read the rest of the profiles! I don't think I missed anyone, but if you can think of a character I overlooked, let me know!