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Vincent doesn't mince words.
Posted December 6, 2016 at 1:13 pm
Ginger's having a hard time in this panel from tomorrow's page :|. Oh man, this page is done. Or done enough! I was so grateful to just have to draw Vincent alone in most of these panels until I realized I had two panels of werewolves fighting that I also had to tackle. And they're all super tiny! I really enjoy using Vincent as comedic relief because he's so serious all the time. When I write things for him, I take how a normal person might react, and then slow it down and delay it awkwardly long. I love characters who take themselves really seriously, so even though he's way harder to write than anyone else, when he gets to have his moment, it makes me really happy :D. He kind of reminds me of Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, though not quite that over-the-top literal. Vincent would look amazing holding puppies, though. (Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, please.) I've been trying to keep Malaya's mannerisms as a werewolf consistent with who she is as a human, which makes for a sort of hilarious contrast when she's this big lol. Oh, and Tim's not quite so knocked out anymore. Hm. Quick important note! I'm going out of town twice this month to visit people, so I'll be taking a week off! There'll only be six pages this month, but I will try not to leave you to fret on a cliffhanger :). Right now, it looks like the 20/21st will be my week off, and I'll post pages after Christmas. It might be the other way around, but I'll be in Los Angeles the 20/21st, so likely I won't have the pages totally finished by then. I'm goin' to Disneyland! (A favorite song from my childhood, which says a lot about me as a person probably.) In TV news, I started watching The Good Place the other day and now I'm kind of obsessed with it. Beside the fact that it stars Kristen Bell, who I would watch in almost anything, the entire premise is super charming and the diverse cast is great! I like that everyone gets their own backstory and why they're in this utopian afterlife, but still given faults and problems...most of which start from Kristen Bell's character Eleanor. (Fun fact, my middle name "Lenore" comes from my great grandmother's BFF/hairdresser Eleanor.) Eleanor is a comically, over-the-top terrible person, but super relatable at the same time. I also like the ethical theories they work into the episodes, so it's weirdly educational lol. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to new episodes and hopefully it doesn't get cancelled for no reason, because it's such a good show. In life news, I bought a seasonal affective disorder light! Finally! Specifically, I bought this one. A little pricey, but I looked through all of them and decided this one had overall really good reviews and has the right amount of light output (10k lux, whatever that means, but that's the minimum recommended). In the reviews where people had issues with their lights, the company responded and solved the problem, which is something else I like to check for. I've only had it for a week, so I can't say how much is psychosomatic and how much it's really helping, but I do feel less like I want a meteor to come to earth and kill us all. So, that seems like a net positive! Hurray! Only another three or four months until I see the sunlight on a daily basis without being covered head-to-toe in clothing!