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That weird, tall kid.
Posted December 29, 2015 at 12:05 pm
This page was interesting. See, being out of town for Christmas meant I needed a page for the following week that wouldn't be as taxing, and it lined up well with a potential conversation with Elias via text, but I still wanted to make it look cool. I'm really proud of this page in the end! I have a hard time working in "non-traditional" panels, like the hand with the phone, because I usually...forget to think that way? But I did! And I like it. I also managed to pull off a non-sexualized butt shot, which I guess is only hard if you only see your characters as pieces of meat >_>. Sexy, exploitable meat. Anyway! I like text conversation pages a lot. It's a great way to add dialog with a character who is nowhere nearby (Elias), and I think texting style shows a lot about a character. Um...Elias texts a lot like I do. I'm a goofball over text and I can't help it. Lots of emoticons, lots of long vowels for no reason. I have no idea why I do it, but whatever. I have only started to use emoji, though. I'm not good at personal expression via emoji yet. Charlene is always going to be weirded out by Elias. Always. I think she finds him really amusing, seeing as she's never actually talked to him, only observed from afar, and the first time was him sniffing out Malaya like a total weirdo. I need to find a way for them to interact down the line because it would be hilarious. (Oh man, and with all the stuff coming up, that'll happen, what, in two years? UGH.) Okay, so looking at my site stats, no one read over Christmas, which is understandable, but then like, everyone showed up yesterday. Everyone. What the hell. I love it! From a marketing standpoint, it is very confusing. Promoting a webcomic is like attempting to herd cats. Back to work finishing tomorrow's comic, which is the last page in this scene. Tomorrow I'm gonna throw down some more witch facts for you guys, because everybody loves some witch facts. But first, I gotta go eat oatmeal. Oatmeal is so important to me right now, I am so hungry.