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Scones are the worst.
Posted December 30, 2015 at 12:08 pm
Okay! There's a lot going on in this page. It is important for a few reasons, though! 1) We learn more about witches and witch etiquette. Can't have too many cooks in the kitchen, and you don't want your trees to turn evil. 2) Scones are awful. Biscotti is also awful. Every time I've had a scone, I think, "Man, this would be better if it were any other type of breakfast pastry." I might be projecting a bit on this page. Clearly the better choice is croissants, always. Or donuts. Muffins? Anything really. Scones are just sad, hard biscuits. 3) This page reinforces what I believe is basic manners, which is that if you are discussing plans with another person present, and those plans would not naturally exclude that person for some reason (you're spending time with a significant other exclusively, or spending time with family, or seeing a band/show/movie they expressly hate, etc), you should at least extend the invitation for them to join you. It is rude to discuss plans in front of someone if they aren't invited. (I have a lot of strong feelings about this, as I have often been excluded from things in the past, and now I just invite myself along because fuck it.) I'd be a terrible person if I didn't include this page, obviously. The perspective got a bit fucked up in that last panel. Don't worry about it! I need to make a google sketchup version of the coffee shop to double check things in the future. Sometimes, you just have to move shit around until the door feels vaguely correct, idk. Okay, I have to eat breakfast and write the next scene. I've got an outline, but I keep putting it off because it creeps me out and I don't like writing creepy things but I kiiiiind of do, if you feel me. And hey, in 2015, I drew 96 pages of this beast! Plus a handful of covers! I have achieved a thing! And in February, I'll be coming up on my one year werewolf-iversary! Yay :D.