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The basics of gaslighting
Posted January 5, 2016 at 12:01 pm
Writing scenes that feature Connie kind of creep me out, but we'll all get through this together, I promise. Connie obviously doesn't have a very high opinion of Charlene! Also, here's some confirmation about Connie's...whole thing. You'll learn a lot in these next couple pages, I promise. There's suspense, and then there's purposefully dicking around with the story because you're not sure what happens next, and I'm aiming for suspense! (And I totally know what happens next...at least until the end of the first half of our story here, then it gets a bit sketchy, but that's by design.) Anyway, if you're reading this page and you're thinking, "Hey, this seems normal!", please reevaluate your relationships! Connie is gaslighting the hell out of poor Aubrey, and when you're in the midst of that, it's pretty hard to see that this person you care about is manipulating you and fucking with your head. Connie is painting herself as the victim while putting down Aubrey for not trying hard enough, while also withholding any information Aubrey might need to actually accomplish something. Classic and pretty fucked up. On a lighter note, I put out ads for my comic a few days ago and that's turned out really well! Welcome, new people. Here are some werewolves! You'll have to provide your own snacks. Advertising has been pretty fun, especially because I've only spent a few dollars so far at Project Wonderful and I dragged like, 10k people in the door yesterday. And I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday, so that's pretty special. Plus I get to poke around at other webcomics to see what seems like a good fit for my audience versus other people's audiences. I decided against doing a campaign initially, just to be more selective with the sites I'm advertising on. I'm welcome to all new readers, but I figure it's easier to ask people to read your comic if they're already into similar comics. Just as an aside, if you could set your ad-blocker to show the ads on my comic, that would help me a lot! Hits to my page are only counted by my advertisers if the ads are displayed, and the more people actually see them, the more ad revenue I can bring in. (To date, I've made...$10! I'm rich!) Also, if you see any ads that interest you, please click on them and help out me and the folks advertising on my site :). Okay, back to watching the X-Files. This show is...just about as weird as I remember from when I was a kid. I was 8 when the first season premiered, which is way too young to be watching the X-Files, but there ya go.