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The existential crisis of sandwiches
Posted August 28, 2019 at 11:51 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see a scribble that will possibly be the next cover image in the future. Unless I ditch it for something else because I'm indecisive. 

Assume that Malaya's dad is working and her mom is...somewhere. Mostly because I couldn't fit more people into this part at the end of the comic, but I'll bring them around for a bit next chapter. We haven't seen them much in awhile.

I spent...way too much time messing with this page. So much time. It's frustrating when you have to figure out how to make a page look cohesive, but everyone has a totally different color palette. If I were better at colors, I'd know how to make it work, but also everyone would look totally different on every page lol. I already have people wondering what color Elias's hair is because it changes so often with the lighting. (Kind of a greyish brownish red color?)

Okay, I'm off to run all my errands! I hope you all enjoyed the gentle science man on werewolf man head petting action from the last few pages. I'll see how far I can push them to do something in the next chapter lol