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This is your own fault, Vincent.
Posted August 27, 2019 at 12:46 pm

Vote at TWC and you can see Malaya freaking out in tomorrow's page

Damn, this comic is turning out too cute. I apologize, and I hope you all still have eyeballs after viewing this very cute page.

I've debated throughout this section how asleep Elias actually is. It's up to you! On the one hand, the dude was definitely sleepy and passing out a few pages ago. On the other hand, he's awake enough to keep Vincent around to pet his head. I think you could read it both ways, that Elias is too asleep to be aware of what he's doing and that he's just awake enough to grab Vincent before he leaves. I like it from both perspectives.

Either way, Vincent is going to be petting Elias's head for awhile. Elias may be wobbly and sleepy, but he is still a werewolf and Elias is still pretty strong even when he's not as strong lol.

Maybe one day, these two will progress to an actual relationship! That'd be wild. For now, we've at least established a mutual fondness! Look at that! So much progress in four and a half years!