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There's a message here about bodily autonomy issues with the traditional werewolf narrative in here somewhere, but I'm sleepy.
Posted August 5, 2015 at 12:57 pm
At that size, Malaya's probably pretty good at cracking people's backs. The issue would be the integrity of their spine afterwards, but still. I'm not gonna lie, I'm basing most of Mal's werewolf's personality on my dog. Generally pretty chill, doesn't like new situations, puts other asshole dogs in their place before they get any funny ideas, etc. I know the traditional werewolf narrative is more a shady stand in for unbridled masculine rage, buuuut that story's been done. There's gonna be some werewolf throw downs as need be, but I'm more using werewolves as a convenient vehicle to explore one young woman's issues with feeling frustrated and isolated, and her fear of changing her status quo for a potentially better future if she can get past her deeply ingrained comfort level. You know, just a normal "what the hell does it mean to be an adult" story. With werewolves. In making these two pages, I managed to watch most of the best season of Friends (the one with Chandler and Monica dating, and the pivot couch), finished 30 Rock (again), finished Psych (I'm so sad now), and watched a good deal of DS9. What I'm saying is, I work slowly and you can watch an incredible amount of tv in one day if you work til 10pm. Also, hello tons of new readers! I broke 10k hits yesterday, which I never imagined I would do, so I'm still emotionally wonky from trying to process that. I'm glad you're here! Welcome to my werewolf comic! Tell your friends ;).