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This golden retriever brought you coffee
Posted June 6, 2018 at 12:20 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the sketch for my favorite damn panel ever from next week. Look! He's blushing! It's taken three years worth of comics, but that counts as a development technically! And Vincent is still weirded out by the whole "werewolves can find you by smelling you in the air" thing, which seems reasonable. I'm trying to set up here that Elias is very slightly worried about Joy as competition, but isn't gonna be an asshole about it. (He doesn't have to worry though, because she's probably working in the background to convince Vincent to date his shadow. Vincent is much too quiet for her taste, though she likes him as her weird, grumpy friend.) I have very little else to say about today's page, other than that I'm still really happy to be working on this section! I accidentally used a similar color palette on this scene as I did in Chapter 7 when Vincent realized Elias was following him around on campus, so I guess this is their color scheme now. The reality is that campus has a lot of grass, but with Vincent's darker complexion and Elias's reddish/brown/grey hair, I need a color that complements all the orange tones. So, green turns into blue green and oranges turn more red and there ya go. Red and green complement each other, blue and orange complement each other...so just meet somewhere in the middle and you've got a color scheme yaaaaay. I could figure out how Elias could hold the baseball Joy gave him plus the food and coffee, so he shoved the ball in his hoodie pocket :)