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This is what happens when you piss off the grass
Posted June 17, 2020 at 12:21 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see the original thumbnail for this page, which is different by a lot

I ended up reworking this page, and moving the big reveal that was at the end of it originally to the next page for extra spice. I think it's much better now! I usually do 6 panels per page, but due to the pace of the action, and how important everything is at this particular moment (and because I'm tired), I've been doing 5 panels mostly for the last handful of pages. It's a weird balance for webcomics, because I don't want to post a page with only 3 panels (which is common in graphic novels especially), because there's not much that happens in 3 panels. But it can be good to do fewer panels when you need things to really stand out. That's why superhero comics use the 2 page spread so often. (I don't, because I hate planning shit like that, and because I have no idea how my book will print in the end.) The best advice I have is to make sure each page only has one BIG action on it at a time if possible. This page would have had two, and I realized the earth opening up is a bit more important than I was making it.

Anyway, I'm off to work in my yard and maybe go buy some big rocks from the place that sells boulders. There's nothing like putting big rocks in your yard. I would like bigger rocks, but they have to bring those in with a small crane, and rocks that I can handle myself are fine. I have a section of my yard that's quite slopped, and I don't want my dirt to run off into the street all the time.

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