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I hate when a giant cryptid emerges from my vine prison
Posted June 23, 2020 at 1:30 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see a creepy panel from tomorrow that I did not make a spoiler

Life is a lot this week! Oh man. It's barely lunch time and I'm already in over my head, tbh. But that's fine, I have tomorrow to chill kind of. My birthday is coming up, so I might drop down to one page for the next few weeks. I'm debating if I should do it before the end of June or the first two weeks of July. It depends on what I find to fill up my time with. Idk, but it's nice to have some time off for my birthday.

Anyway, uh, Connie's a little surprised that she asked for help and this happened. We'll see how that turns out for her!

Before I forget, I made a Fandom Wiki for HTBAW. I did very little to it, because I don't know what I'm doing and I'm too tired/busy to learn, but if you'd like to help edit it and add things, please feel free. 

Feel free to check out my goofy Amazon store if you're so inclined, or I have some merch up on Society6 if you're looking for my old store link! Thanks to everyone who's come out to support me through Ko-fi and Patreon (links below, I'm too tired to link more things), you're really keeping me sane when the world is on fire :).