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This page was originally going to be really scary...
Posted July 7, 2015 at 1:14 pm
But, it mostly just turned out weird and kind of gay. Which hey, if you look back at literally anything I've written since childhood, I am nothing if not consistent in that aspect. Malaya is maybe not so good at being a werewolf, but she gets points for dumb luck and freak strength nonetheless. I also enjoy the slide and recover at the end. That part made me really happy to draw this page. I'm gonna say that the earlier panel of Marin flinging Eli is foreshadowing for this page. It's probably foreshadowing for many future instances of this happening, because werewolves flinging each other around is apparently my thing. Some fun construction notes, this page originally started with the second panel. I got all the way into coloring and I just didn't like how the action was reading, so I kept trying to mess with the drawing in the second panel to see if I could make it work. I finally realized that really what I needed was another panel to follow through from the last page more clearly. And hey, that really fixed things! In animation, you can rely on the fact that stuff moves in order to make various actions clear, but comics are like a series of snapshots. All you really have to work with is either add more panels or add more dialog to help clarify things...or superhero comics add a lot of those little explanation boxes to skip ahead in the narrative. That's fine, but sometimes it really drives me nuts if they skip too much or I get dragged down in expository text instead.