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Okay wait, here's the scary page...
Posted July 8, 2015 at 1:42 pm
Aubry needs to learn to use her words. (Other than "GRAAAH" I guess.) Oh, and what's that with the cliffhanger at the end? What's gonna happen next? I have no idea, I haven't drawn it yet. (No, I know. Like, generally. I have four more chapters scripted, so we're not running out anytime soon.) Welcome, various newcomers! I posted my comic on The Webcomic List yesterday, and apparently that brings in way more people than I was expecting. Cool! For the uninformed, I post Tuesday/Wednesday sometime around 10am Central time. Or slightly later, like today...because my cat has spent the morning throwing up on various surfaces in my house, so there was a slight delay. I'm going to try and get character bios up in the next few weeks. I started the drawings for them, but got derailed pretty quickly with the holidays and my birthday last weekend. Also, I'm going to do the 50th page in color. Pray for Mojo. In unrelated news, I've been watching my way through Deep Space Nine while working on this (plus rewatching 30 Rock), and DS9 is super weird. Like, of all the characters, the one with the most romantic subplots so far is Quark. And really, when you have a Ferengi making out with a Cardassian, that's a lot of makeup and prosthetics. How carefully do you have to stage kiss in order to not smear orange and grey all over each other? These are questions I have. I don't really give a shit about Quark, so that's kind of off-putting.