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This seems healthy?
Posted February 27, 2018 at 1:17 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! So, sleep and I have not gotten along well the last few days, and I have no idea how coherent I am right now, so I'll try to keep this short! I jetted off to Houston to see my friend from high school for the weekend, and I got home around 1am...today. Traveling messes with my brain, so I then had to clean and tidy up when I walked in the door before I could actually sleep, meaning I think I fell asleep around 2am? Or at least I was in bed, so who knows. And my cat Lucy has whatever the cat version of dementia is, so getting her to figure out that it was time to sleep was a bit complicated. A couple days out of routine and it all just goes to hell! But I'm good. It was a good visit, and I didn't draw a damn thing for four days and that was amazing, and now I feel much more refreshed to bring my A game. One thing that ended up happening with this scene is that these two kind of ended up retreading the same dialog themes, but escalating a little more each time. I'm kind of inclined towards repetition, so maybe that's why it made sense in my brain when writing this stuff. My paltry four or five hours of sleep can't really parse my ability to human right now, but it's cool. As I've mentioned, Tom didn't turn out to be the reactionary asshole I had planned for, so he needed more time to lose his shit, and that's fine. I suppose that'll make my plans for him later a bit more interesting. My original plans to have everyone really despise Connie are working out well, at least. Interestingly enough, this sort of scenario just popped up on the Relationships sub-Reddit the other day. (I read it rather obsessively, because it's great fodder for characters tbh.) Guy gets married, they have a "surprise" baby, and then a few years later, the wife decides they should have very spontaneous unprotected sex! And then this guy's mother-in-law mentions that she's glad to hear they're trying for another baby, which is news to him as they agreed to only have one kid. So now, he might be staring down another kid that his wife decided to have without his input, and the general reaction was "uuuuh, I'd divorce her because that's pretty abusive honestly," though he didn't seem quite that upset. Anyway, that pops up a lot over there. As does a lot of instances of narcissistic abuse, so I have a TON to pull from here. Granted, anyone who's at the point that they're asking internet strangers about their life problems is probably already aware that something is off the rails. Anyway, last note: I disabled hot-linking to help keep the site loading quickly, meaning that these pages won't load in RSS feeds most likely. I apologize if that's the case for you! But, if you really enjoy this comic, I hope you click through to read it on my site. Reason being, that helps me get a more accurate read on my site stats (as in, are people even reading this comic??? is my audience growing or nah?), and also helps keep up my ad revenue. I know ads are annoying, but if you do nothing else to support my comic, which is always appreciated but never expected, please white-list this domain with your ad blocker. That makes my ad space worth more, which helps me pay to advertise this comic on...other comics, basically.